The Tomb of the Forgotten King . A Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Campaign by Destiny Elkins
Status: In Planning
First Game [Planned For]: ??

Literally probably EVERYTHING on this page is under construction. Any and all updates will be on this page. Important ones might go HERE I don’t really know at the moment. I’m just trying to make this creation process as fun as possible for me. Anywhoozle, keep an eye out for shit. I’m looking for 2 more players (maybe one).

The History
Once, a long time ago, the land of Atropos was ruled over by the great immortal Gods. The Gods created the land and took care of their people, they were caring and fair. Peace reigned under their rule and there was little to worry about for the people of the land. Until one day the dark God, Erahor decided that he didn’t want to be fair anymore. He wanted to rule as a lone God and use the people as his slaves. There was a fight between him and his sister, the queen of the Gods, Nanema and she won and locked him away under the sea for eternity. Some Gods said she was being unfair, others said it was the right thing to do, but the fight caused a rift between the immortals which in turn caused the people to take sides. That cause wars for years until finally, the Gods disappeared for ever and left the humans to care for themselves. A few people kept their faith, but all in all the human race simply forgot. That is the history of the land.

And Now
Five(?) vault hunters that have been friends for years are sent out after The Medallion of Themis by Narcissus, the mayor of Erato.

Tomb of the Forgotten King (2012)