Time Before Time Was

In the very beginning of time before time was there were the Elder Gods, these Gods used their breath to create the stars and the darkness and light in their hearts to create the dark of space and the light of the sun. They took their love to create children who would rule over these Cosmos they had created. Faxanadu, the Lord of all the Elder Gods created a daughter, Nanema, the Goddess of Creation who would become the queen of the Gods and her brother Erahor the God of Destruction. After they saw all was well, they left and went to other dimensions to create or rule as they see fit.

The goddess Nanema loved and owned beautiful things, but none so much as the Gem of Atropos. So much so that she decided it should be something that was shared and loved by everything and everyone. So Nanema set out to do this. She took the sadness from her heart to create seas and her strength to create land and rocks and mountains.

Nanema pushed her beloved gem into the sky and called it Atropos and she loved this world. She went to the other gods and goddesses and showed them what she had done and they too loved the world.

Each wanted to give something to the land.

Lela, the Goddess of the Desert and the Moon, presented the moon.
Alorath, the God of Time and the man that Nanema would marry, presented the passage of time.
Erahor, presented death and disease so the world would know how grand life was. He also decided to create Orcs and this became the God of the Orcs as well.
Strife, the Goddess of Fire, Discord, Malice and Elves, gave the gift of fire to the land as well as created the elves.
Nera, the Goddess of Earth, Healing, Protection, and Dwarves, gave the gift of Dwarves and the knowledge of healing to give all the races hope.
Rig, the God of Water, Emotions, and Halflings, created feelings and Halflings.
Zero, the God of Air, Weather, and Gnomes, presented the land with all of these things.

Each came bearing gifts, one after another, emotions, races, things, balance. Each something that was needed.

Ormet, the God of magic, arcane knowledge, balance and foresight. Otros, the God of horizons, distance, travel, and roads. Ishtor, the God of athletics, sports, brawling, strength, and courage. Nicor, the God of hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness, and slaughter. Kas, the Goddess of music, revels, wine, rogues, humor, and tricks. Hex, the Goddess of common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth, and discipline. Gimmin, the God of fate, destiny, divination, future and honesty. Ferresti, the Goddess of pleasure, love, and passion. Jaddis, the Goddess of treachery over honor. Kun, the God of nature, gardens, orchards and harvest.| Eilasor Kydaer, the goddess of all flying creatures, freedom, and the Avariel. Paerandros, the God of Necromancers and the undead. All with something to give.

Finally, Nanema came and filled the world with more races, plants, living creatures, and life.

Then, the world was and all was peaceful.

Time Before Time Was

Tomb of the Forgotten King (2012) MallowCakes