The Seven Elven Clans

The Seven Elven Clans of Atropos

The world of Atropos was once home to seven clans of Elves. Elves were a magical race and very private. They also despised the dwarves and were constantly bickering over land as well as other things. Eventually, the dwarves rose up and attacked the elves.

After the The Great War the elven clans split apart and went their separate ways becoming less private and more integrated into society. Some elves still chose to get the clan tattoo and honor their ancestors but most just live their normal lives.

Lineage Color/Symbol
Avariel Gold/Wings
Dark Elves Black/Spider
Forest Elves Green/Tree
Aquatic Elves Blue/Wave
Plains Elves Silver/Circle
Mountain Elves Purple/Spire
Desert Elves Yellow/Dune

Avariel were the politically dominant clan between the seven. They believed that they were the original elven race, though many more of their sages speculate that their great Goddess’ hand melded them with their beloved giant eagles.

The Seven Elven Clans

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