The Five Dwarven Armies

The Five Dwarven Armies of Atropos

The world of Atropos was once home to five armies of Dwarves. Dwarves were a harden and strong race. They also despised the elves and were constantly bickering over land as well as other things. Eventually, they rose up and attacked the elves.

After the The Great War the armies split apart and went their separate ways becoming less private and more integrated into society. Some dwarves still honor the old ways, but most just live.

Lineage Colors
Wandering Dwarves Gold/Silver
Arctic Dwarves Blue/White
Plains Dwarves Dark Brown/Light Brown
Mountain Dwarves Gray/Black
Desert Dwarves Yellow/Tan

The Wandering Dwarves were always savage and alone, but would do anything to help a fellow dwarf.

The Five Dwarven Armies

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