The Age of the Gods

When time first began, the Gods ruled. They were just and fair and the people worshiped and loved them. The Gods gave them speech and the abilitiy to understand each other so civilizations could grow quicker and understanding of some technologies came faster. They built temples to their Gods around the world and there was a general peace.

As time grew, peace began to fade and races no longer got along with other races. There was bickering and fighting over land and technologies.

Eventually The Seven Elven Clans and The Five Dwarven Armies were formed and it forever put a strain on the two races. Dwarves and Elves were always at each others throats. Dwarves thought the elves to be too carefree and not vigilant enough. The elves thought the dwarves to be to stern and steadfast in their ways, as well as stubborn.

Then started the fighting over whose God was better than the other. Some Gods wanted it to stop, while others would push the fighting to continue, enjoying the attention.

Nanema pleaded with her fellow Gods, but to no avail. All the while Erahor took a back seat to his sister and his jealousy grew. He had one lone temple on an island where he was worshiped by a group of monks and a few small ones in orc village scattered across the world. He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t among the other more worthy Gods. No matter how much his orcs praised him, he was greedy and wanted more.

This is when things became worse…

The Age of the Gods

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