Character Creation

All characters will be starting at level two.

The Classes and Races you can pick are at those links. You may or may not be able to pick a bloodline as well. The rules are at that link. Also, the Gods and Goddesses that you can pick are also different from normal D & D, so look at that link for those.

When creating a character instead of rolling for ability scores we will use the point buy system. You get 30 points to spend. The cost for each are below. IF you wish to instead roll your ability scores, that’s fine. I will allow you to roll your ability scores twice and pick the set you want. To roll scores we will be using the roll 4d6 and dropping the lowest score. Doing this 6 times. So, it’s your call.

Score Cost
8 0
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 6
15 8
16 10
17 13
18 16
Score Cost

In lieu of rolling for starting gold and health, all players will begin with the maximum gold from their starting packages and their maximum health points for their class.

As far as alignments go, no evil PCs unless you can give me and EXTREMELY good reason why you’re going to be saving the world and hunting vaults.

Skill points are whatever you normally get plus two.

When you create your character you need to pick 1 flaw and 2 traits for them. You also need to be able to role play these traits and flaws. Doing so well may earn you XP.

Lastly, each character can chose one of the following ten magical items to begin with:

1. Vorpal Sword, +1
2. Robe of Useful Items
3. Amulet of Naural Armor, +2
4. Boots of Elvenkind
5. Unknown Magic Arrows
6. Bracelet of Friends
7. Bag of 100 Beans
8. Cloak of Resistance, +3
9. Gloves of Swimming and Climbing
10. Necklace of Adaptation

Character Creation

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