Tomb of the Forgotten King (2012)

000. Zero Hour
Onward! To adventure!

Our five heroes were just sitting down to dinner together after a tomb well raided when a tall human rushed through the grassy plains to meet them. Out of breath, he stood there wearily doubled-over as the five friends gazed curiously at him. Glyir’s hand on his nearby scythe, ready to jump into battle at any moment.

The man held a hand up and managed to says, “I’m not hear to fight. My name is Jace and I’m here with a message for you.”

The adventurers set in silence as Jace explained to them that Narcissus, the mayor of a nearby town called Erato sent him to find them. There was a man, Autolycus, he called himself the king of thieves and he was after the pieces of The Medallion of Themis.

This medallion was not unknown to them, in fact, it was the most well-known artifact on the planet. So well known that no person of morals would dare go after it.

The next morning, the five friends would go see this mayor. Suffice it to say, this ‘king of thieves’ had to be stopped. At all costs.


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